Local Gals: Pinkblush Artistry, BEyou Foundation

Makeup is one of those things you can either love or hate  dislike. Those who love are good at it, take their time and are extremely passionate about the latest trends. Those who dislike, make it happen in five minutes or less, they just need the basics and well lets be honest, that perfect winged eye line never happens!

As I fall on the "rarely wear makeup" side, the hardest thing for me is finding the right foundation. Not too heavy for everyday and matches my skin to a T where my neck doesn't look like it was separated from my head at some point in life.


New Window Decor: Alice in Wonderland Inspired

Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.
  - Alice in Wonderland


Ivory's Summer Essentials: Sunscreen, Sunglasses & Sangria

First of all, we just wanted to say how excited we are to be writing our first post! If you are among our first readers, well Thank you and please wish us luck...
If you're a SUN GODDESS and can't stay away from the Sun, here are some essentials our Ivory Summer Goddesses picked out for you!
Definitely SUNSCREEN!!!

Ivory Is Now Online!

Welcome to Ivory Boutique and Ivory "The Blog". We are excited to announce we are finally selling our favorite items and newest arrivals online! And once or twice a week we will be writing about lifestyle news, health and fashion. 
Please feel free to email us or comment below if there are any topics you would like us to write about!